German town marks anniversary of deadly attack

01.12.2021, 11:24

The historic German town of Trier is marking the first anniversary of a rampage that left five people dead.

The incident involved a driver racing through the pedestrianized zone of the town centre deliberately hitting people at random.

Since mid-August, a 52-year-old German man has been standing trial as the alleged perpetrator. He's accused of five counts of murder and 18 counts of attempted murder.

In addition to the five deaths, dozens of people were injured and   about 300 traumatized. Another man wounded in the attack died in October.

Wednesday's commemorations are scheduled to include an ecumenical service held in the town's cathedral and be attended primarily by victims, relatives and rescue workers.

Shortly beforehand - at 1:46, the time the crime began one year ago - the cathedral bells are due to ring for four minutes.

Mayor Wolfram Leibe has asked the people of Trier to silently remember the victims during these minutes.

On Wednesday evening a Requiem is scheduled in the city's Basilica of Constantine.

Last Friday, Mayor Leibe unveiled a memorial plaque near the town's famous Roman gate, the Porta Nigra, or Black Gate.